About Us

Artesania MX is a family-owned online business based in Miami, FL, dedicated to import directly from Mexico beautiful and unique handcrafts into the United States. Being from a Mexico, we were always attracted and astonished by the colorful art and designs being made by locals in the small towns throughout Mexico. 

We felt that it should be our intention to diffuse Mexican handcrafts inside and outside of the United States and show the world the wonderful pieces of fine art Mexico has to offer!

In order to provide you with the best prices available, we only sell our handcrafts online. 



Our finality is to show the magic of the quality in Mexican handcrafts and pottery. The Mexican folk art is shown in the quality of the Mexican handcrafts, where each artisan leaves a part of their heart and soul in every piece, and in return, reflects the Mexican folk art and the faithful expression of the Mexican culture.



Being recognized internationally in the market due to the diffusion of the quality Mexican handcrafts and pottery from the Mexican folk art. Our prestige is accredited by satisfying the demands of the client, lover of the Mexican culture, with the delivery in time and price of the products that identify the beautiful art of Mexico.