Giant Handpainted Ant Alebrije

Giant Handpainted Ant Alebrije
Giant Handpainted Ant Alebrije Giant Handpainted Ant Alebrije
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This detailed handmade mexican crafted alebrije in the shape of an imaginary and colorful ant will leave you impacted by its peculiar and precise details around its body, legs and antenas!


Steps in elaborating an Alebrije:

  • 1. Cut wood from special type of tree, the Copalillo; typically grown in Oaxaca.
  • 2. Artisans either start the carving process right away, or they leave wood to dry it sun for 2-3 days.
  • 3. Imaginative figure is carved; after it is placed in the sun to dry, depending on the size of figure.
  • 4. After it it dry, the artisans sands the figure down. It is usually sanded with gasoline or a liquid to protect wood from any type of insects.
  • 5. Once it is smooth, the artisan proceeds to cover it with a coat of color paint (base paint), then small details proceed!



  • Add a touch of color, life and style to your home and garden!
  • All pieces are completely hand painted and unique.
  • Measurements: 2.75" x 5" x 4.25" (L x W x H).
  • Weight: .9 oz.
  • Made out of Wood.


Note: All the measurements are in inches and are approximated. Colors and designs vary as they are hand painted or crafted items. These prices do not include shipping and handling. Price reflected is in US Dollars. 

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