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Giant Handpainted Ant Alebrije
This detailed handmade mexican crafted alebrije in the shape of an imaginary and colorful ant wil..
$22.00 USD
Hand-painted Crossed armed Frog Alebrije
Artisans created this handpainted alebrije frog with very imaginative colors and spots on this ha..
$19.00 USD
Handpainted 'Glow-in-the-Dark' Jaguar Alebrije
This is one of our largest alebrije and the most beautiful one of them all....the jaguar! The rea..
$109.00 USD
Handpainted Elephant Alebrije
Rams have always been know to be linked with numerous gods over history. They simbolize power, dr..
$54.99 USD $48.99 USD
Handpainted Grasshopper Chapulin Alebrije
Did you know that grasshoppers are known to be a delicacy in the Southern region of Mexico? These..
$18.00 USD
Handpainted Miniature Bobbing Head Snail Alebrije
Miniature handmade alebrje snail made out of wood and handpainted by hand, this folk artsy snail ..
$11.00 USD
Handpainted Miniature Bobbing-Head Rabbit Alebrije
This detailed alebrije in the shape of an imaginary and colorful rabbit will leave you impacted b..
$9.00 USD
Handpainted Standing Horse Alebrije
Alebrijes are known to be artistic representation of imaginative creatures, mainly animals. ..
$55.00 USD
Pair of Handpainted Bobbing Turtles Alebrijes
This bobbing turtle is one of our best selling alebrijes! His head is attached with a small threa..
$14.00 USD